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Where is the Atlantic Coast?

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Problems Encountered-  The most significant problem I have experience thus far was in Louisiana.  Because of the Mississippi River flooding and the lack of information regarding road closures I was forced to travel off route.  I left the route in DeRidder, LA  and traveled to Lake Charles, LA. (47 miles). This allowed me to board a Greyhound Bus to Jacksonville, FL. My decision was based solely on my own personal safety!

Random Acts of Kindness- I have been the recipient of many random acts of kindness.  These random acts of kindness have kept me going by raising my spirit and moral.  Usually, these events are born in the small rural communities I’ve traveled through; however, I don’t want to leave out the folks who live in the urban communities who continue to cheer me on either.  I receive emails and words of encouragement and I want all to know that it means so much to me.  Traveling solo for long distances on mostly farm roads and rural settings can lead to loneliness and even some frustration.  I offer my sincere thanks to all who have posted, commented, emailed, phoned, and even those who have just followed my posts.  My dear friend Donnie Durden called me while I was on the Greyhound Bus to inform me that my trip was not just for me but for all those who wished to do the same.  I’ve known Donnie since the seventh grade and I was glad to hear that he may join me on part of the trip.  Donnie you know you are always welcome.

Where am I going now- Well, I started the Atlantic Coast Bicycle Route starting in Jacksonville, FL. so I am heading in a northerly direction towards Bangor, ME.  Along the Coast I have a few people that I really want to see and a wedding that I must attend in Cape Cod.  I’m hoping that I won’t have to take another Greyhound bus but if that’s what it takes, that’s exactly what I will do.  No way I miss this wedding!

I’m supposed to be riding along the Atlantic Coastline but I’m in Folkston, GA. I do not see a coastline, there are no seagulls or breaking waves.  I am much closer to the Okefenokee Swamp!  Slowly but surely I make my way. Closer and closer I get to the Atlantic Coast!  The time has arrived to pick up my pace.

Homeless and hunger- There has been little time for me to begin YouTube videos that document the homeless and hungry.  The main obstacle has been the routes that I’ve been following that are mostly farm roads that avoid urban environments. There may be homeless persons in the rural environment but they have been invisible to me.  Most all of the rural communities do have a food pantry which provide food for the hungry.  I want to talk more about what I’ve learned about the rural communities at a later date.

Homeless Veterans-  If you happen to find a Veteran who is homeless the Veterans Administration has a telephone number that will provide assistance.  The number is: 877.424.3838

Environment- The glaciers are melting, record setting tornadoes, hurricanes, polar melting, and a majority of real scientists say global warming (climate change) is happening.  Unfortunately, there are some who don’t believe and many of them are the old, the crusty, the greedy, and the corporate owned legislative branch of our government that refuse to do what is good for the people, future generations, and our environment.  Remember that our environment encompasses everything around us.  Without natural resources there will be no economy!  Post your thoughts on our environment!!!!

Donations- I will be looking for potential sponsors at a later date.  Anyone can make donations by simply accessing my PayPal account at


Written by James J. Pond

May 25, 2011 at 7:52 PM

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