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The Greyhound Bus: Lake Charles, LA – Jacksonville, FL

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05.15.11 2:50 PM– Thanks to some quick thinking from Linda Ramirez my ride from the Bicycle Superstore to the Greyhound bus station was without any glitches. I boarded the bus and started thinking about all the nice people I had met in Lake Charles. I don’t know how I managed to connect with so many nice people in such a very short period of time (less than 24 hours).

05.16.11 8:50 AM- I arrived at the Greyhound Bus Station in Jacksonville, FL. I have to say that the Greyhound experience was anything but enjoyable. It makes me wonder what people from other parts of the world must think about our mass transportation. It was only by luck that for most of the trip I had the pleasure of sitting next to Maria Cristina Carrasquilla who is from Columbia and working on her PhD at the University of Florida (Gainesville). As for Greyhound buses in the future… I will definitely try to avoid that experience at whatever cost. My friend picked me up at the bus station and we had breakfast out before returning to her apartment.

05.17.11 Assisted my friend in moving + Bicycle Repairs

05.18.11 Assisted my friend in moving + Bicycle Repairs

05.19.11 Met with my friend and her friends at Jacksonville Beach and enjoyed sun and small talk. Afterwards, we traveled a short distance to pick-up my bicycle and my friend dropped me off at the Comfort Inn Jacksonville Beach, FL. Miles: 00 Smile

05.20.11 Comfort Inn Jacksonville Beach, FL. Miles: 00 Smile

05.21.11 Jacksonville Beach, FL. to Yulee, FL. Miles: 39.5

05.22.11 Yulee, FL. to Folkston, GA Miles: 58

05.23.11 Folkston, GA. 00 Miles Smile

05.24.11 Folkston, GA. 00 Miles Smile

05.25.11 Folkston, GA  00 Miles

05.26.11 Folkston, GA. to Patterson, GA Miles: 56- This is a remote area with campgrounds and lodging closures throughout the 56 mile route. My plan is to arrange a place to stay with the locals in Patterson; however, if I can find shelter earlier than Patterson I will take it. The towns that I will be traveling through are: Atkinson (population unknown), Hortense (population unknown), and Patterson (population 627). In the event that no shelter can be located I will not have time to travel much longer before sunset. Additional information will be provided via email to key persons e.g. local police, sheriff, and other potential resources. My phone service will likely have a signal (thank you t-mobile) so I may call using pay phone or borrowed phone. Wish me luck!

Photographs for this portion will be uploaded at earliest convenience.


Written by James J. Pond

May 24, 2011 at 9:36 PM

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