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Journal Entry: 04.09.11–04.20.11

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04.08.11 Irving, TX Miles: 000 – Packed up the last two boxes bound for storage.  My son drove into Irving and treated me to a Subway sandwich.  Thanks Jim for taking the time to help out.  I know you work long days and it meant allot to me that you offered your time and support for my journey.  It was good to see Jim and he helped out by delivering the boxes to storage.  Meanwhile, Linda came back to her place from a full days work and we took off for Kyle, TX. We arrived at the motel during the wee hours of the night (morning).  We were tired.  Linda drove the whole way there!


04.09.11 Kyle, TX Miles: 40 – I tried to manipulate the weight between my saddle bags and the bike trailer. This became a source of stress as I became frustrated from my own procrastination.  Yes, I waited to the last minute.  Once that was resolved we took a ride to the local bicycle shop and picked up some last minute items for the bike.  Afterwards we ate a late breakfast at Pisces that hit the spot.  After some final touches in the CVS parking lot it was time to get the show on the road.  Linda followed behind me and we stopped to say our good-byes. Little did I know that she went ahead of me and surprise me twice as I was peddling myself up and down the hills.  I can’t say enough about the love I have for my son, my daughter, my sister, and my lifelong High School sweetheart Linda whom I was recently reunited with. I miss you all.

Note: It is over 210 miles to Austin, TX from Irving, TX.  Kyle is located south of Austin  (click here for details).

My goal was 50 miles to Bastrop State Park; however, I underestimated the Texas Hill Country, and found myself lagging behind.  It seemed like every turn I made the strong winds were blowing directly in my face.  I still managed to keep going.  When I arrived in Lockhart, TX I rode right through the square.  The winds had   really picked up and there were thousands of honeybees swarming around me.  I drove through the swarm of bees wishing them well and I didn’t receive any stings. I stopped for a Subway sandwich in Lockhart and talked briefly with some locals.  From Lockhart I rode thirteen miles passing Bateman, TX.  I knew that my pace had slowed down and as I looked towards the west the sun was telling me that darkness was rapidly approaching.

When I arrived at Red Rock (State Road 20 and 225) I stopped at a Citgo service station and asked the cashier if she knew of any places where I could pitch a tent she said no; however, she pointed me in the direction of the Grace Baptist Church.  It was maybe a quarter-mile downhill cruise to the front door.  I looked around and found a welcome sign on a door that read “FEEL FREE TO COME IN AND ASK QUESTIONS”.  So I did!

04.10.11 Red Rock, TX Miles: 00 Attended service at Grace Baptist Church (1 Corinthians 3). I had not attended church in a very long time and I sat with a small small group who provided me with a King James version of the bible.  Since I have used the American Standard version in the past the King James version was a little tricky.  Anyone can view my photographs by clicking here!

04.11.11 Departed from Red Rock, TX Miles: 15 The Pastor of Grace Baptist Church asked if I would like to join himself and one of the contractors to a local lunch.  After lunch I returned to the church and assisted in the transfer of a new air conditioner from the truck and to the platform where it now sits.  The church has a new air conditioner! The trip to Bastrop State Park was not without incident as I left my wallet at the grocery store.  I actually peddled two to four more miles than the reported mileage.  I set up my camp in the dark because of my wallet mistake. For a description of the route from Red Rock, TX to Bastrop State Park click here!

04.12.11 Bastrop State Park, TX Miles: 00 Camping State Park personnel are outstanding! I purchased a Texas State Park pass which allows me discounts on fees and camping.  It’s a great way to support our State Parks!

04.13.11 Bastrop State Park, TX Miles: 00 Camping, bicyling, and photography.

04.14.11 Bastrop State Park, TX Miles: 00 Departed Bastrop State Park for La Grange, TX.

04.15.11 La Grange, TX Miles: 39 Oak Motel Despite my late start I felt pretty good today.  The hills were very steep and on two hills I had to walk the bike up the hill about 20 yards. Walking the bike with saddle bags and a trailer is much more difficult than peddling.  I stopped in Winchester at Murphy’s Steakhouse and ate the very best Ribeye I have ever sank my teeth into. For a description of the route from Bastrop State Park to La Grange, TX click here! Next Destination Navasoto, TX

04.16.11 Gay Hill, TX Miles: 40 Well the sun was setting and I had to act fast.  I called the Mariposa Ranch Bed & Breakfast and discovered that the only room available was $190.00 a night. Well over my budget.  Whoever answered the phone was kind enough to let me sleep on the floor in a trailer home without water or lighting.  The air conditioning and heater did work!  I was extremely grateful and left early the next morning.  I’m always impressed by the display of generosity and compassion for others.  I literally would have had to find somewhere to pitch a tent and there are allot of no trespassing signs around here.  It says allot about the Mariposa Ranch and when I’m done with my journey I will return to the ranch for a stay.  I failed to make it to Navasota but I am alive!   For a description of the route from La Grange to Gay Hill click here! Next Destination Navasoto, TX

Note: I was weak and not feeling well after early morning departure from the Mariposa Ranch.  I had to stop in Independence, TX at a small grocery store for several hours.

04.17.11 Navasoto, TX Miles: 32 Best Western Inn Still a little weak and don’t really know why.  I’m hoping a good night sleep will help.  

04.18.11 Navasoto, TX Miles: 00 Best Western Inn After eating a Cliff Bar last night I became ill again. I believe that because of the heat some ingredients in the bar may have become rancid.  The last time I had eaten a Cliff Bar was at the Mariposa Ranch.  All of my Cliff bars have been discarded.

04.19.11 Navasoto, TX Miles: 00 Best Western Inn I discovered today that my video camera power cord has vanished.  This is very disappointing but I have found a source of supply.

04.20.11 Navasoto, TX Miles: 00 Best Western Inn My stay here was needed as I managed to recover and get better organized.  This should make my travel a little bit easier.  If you happen to pass through the area you must stop by the Corner Café.  Oh yea.  The replacement part was shipped out overnight.  I received it at around 11:45. Unfortunately it was the wrong part.

Links to towns I’ve passed through:  Towns I’ve passed through in Texas: Kyle, Uhland, Lockhart, Bateman, Red Rock, Bastrop, Bastrop State Park, Buescher State Park, Winchester, La Grange, Rutersville, Oldenburg, Warrenton, Round Top, Burton, Longpoint, Gay Hill, Independence, William Penn, Washington, Navasota


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April 3, 2011 at 4:05 PM

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